Friday, May 05, 2006


complaint factory:

(so. whiny. this AM. i am working on a can of coke and two hours sleep, tops. I own a dog who has decided to turn ROTTEN-TO-CORE the past few days, including eating A LAMP (?!?!?!?!) and part of a chair leg, as well as his usual daily intake of basket (he's been working on eating a basket, where we keep outdated magazines, for the better part of 6 mos. now.) In the neighborhood this morning, I was the lady in the 2-days-unwashed hair, jeans, dress shoes (?), a 29-year-old teeshirt (true), a dirty fleece vest, and a grimace. If I bared my fangs at you, apologies.)

1 comment:

the Nabob said...

So that was you that shoved me out of bed this morning?