Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Best thing I heard this weekend: "You know what I don't care about? Blogs that are composed of people's OPINIONS." *

# # #

- I know, I am so late on this. but it's GIANT CRAP, made from SMALLER CRAP! Neat! Also, I hate the word pimp, but I love the word snack. Also 2.0, I'm an unapologetic anglophile. ALSO 3.0, my dream job is in Old Town (OTA, who's motto should be "America's Home Fo' the Non-Profit and/or Trade Association!"), and it is doing trade shows and marketing for the Snack Food Association. My resume is updated, SFA!

- For people like me, who have no fucking clue about meatstuffs: purchasing.
The ingesting part is easy, though.
. . .
I have now set myself up now for a tsunami of jokes. Bring it.

- Want to see something awesome? Here. Remember that Seinfeld where Kramer decides to get rid of his furniture and build his apartment into lots of different levels? Remember in elementary school when yr crazy art teacher with the closet-drinking problem (alternatively, think Molly Shannon as crafts counselor in "W.H.A.S.") would make you all draw "Your Future Dream House" and it somehow always involved a slide/rope ladders/bunk beds/indoor pool/hovercraft car ports?

- The kitchen remodel continues, as I cannot get my shit together and don't remember the name OR the phone number of the dude who called me to set up a time to come measure our existing countertops, I am a yuppie that should burn in hell already???? Fact.

- I'm just getting around to the WSJ's lovely little piece that should have been titled "Damn, Gurl, Men are Totes Monsters and Womens are Dumb If'n They Don't Learn How to Just Deal with It Already OMG." Hi, Naomi. It's me, your conscience. Here a thought - why don't instead we all just TEACH PEOPLE NOT TO RAPE, AND NIP ALL THIS IN THE BUD. Why don't you NOT BLAME IT ON FEMINISM just, oh, BECAUSE. NAOMI.

- Requisite Youtube crapola:
C is for Cookie
WA AmEx ad

- I don't know if you've been reading any EMP/Merritt/"Song of the South"/eh, controversy(?) followup bloggerings found far-n-wide, like I have, but here's a half-decent roundup of what's been said thus far. I'm sure I'm overlooking the fact that half the indiepopuli on the planet have message forums threads dedicated to all this as well, but kittens - I am tired and old, and too lazy to search: http://www.zoilus.com/documents/in_depth/2006/000751.php

- Go read JL's DCist piece, right now. If you know me, then you know what I think. And if you haven't read the WL piece yet he refers to, go do that as well.

* (Note: If anyone has purchased/heard the Streets new album, please leave an opinion at the tone.)

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Matt said...

John Vanderslice gave the new Streets album an unprompted ringing endorsement, at his concert on Saturday. From what I recall, it was some variation on "awesome".