Monday, December 05, 2005

You know what I love? Television shows about lawyers "looking for love." Aww. Love.

I see your "Skating with Celebrities" and raise you one "Jenna Elfman Show".

I hope everyone has their tinfoil hats ready, cause this end of the world is going to be a right doozy.


the Nabob said...

Love Monkey?

I'll see, but go all in with Al in your Family

rcr said...

How about MTV's of new crap, which such craptastic show ideas as:

*Are You The Next Neil Diamond?
*Hypnotize My Roommate
*Think You have the Skills, Charm and Smarts to Break up a Relationship?

rcr said...

Whoa, must of forgot a bracket or something. Didn't mean to go all Livejournal on you guys.

tom said...

Single scientologist lawyer looking for love (presumably). That's an ace in the hole.

Anonymous said...

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