Wednesday, December 14, 2005


The fresh hell, Sofia Coppola?

Power, Corruption & Lies "Age of Consent"?

Let's talk music first. We'll get to you casting Dunst as a leading lady in a moment.

(EDIT: Oh. Um, no, I did not know I was late to the party. And, of course, not nearly as funny. Dammit. We will agree to disagree on TMFTML's L.I.T dig, though. Why didn't TMFTML go after Virgin Suicides? Easier target, I would think. I mean, he could have tied right back in to the post's title with a Boy Hartnett zinger and all.)

(EDIT II: The obvious & totally spot-on joke for this entry, as noted in the comments by one The GOGS, is that "the original choice of music was "My Humps." Ugh. I am a failure.)


The Ghost of Gordon Sumner said...

They were originally going to go with "My Humps".

Actually, I thought that was an interesting choice.

The Governess said...

Interesting, yes. Wrong, but interesting.

Maybe it's just the Dunst Factor that does it in for me.

The Dunst Factor and all her bloody foppish jogging about in grand hallways wearing satin ballgowns.


catherine said...

i might just be cracked out on cold medicine but i kind of liked that clip. and i dislike dunst as well but she may have the correct self-absorbed, insipid attitude to pull the role off...but anyways, all i care about now is seeing king kong! rar!

The Governess said...

don't get me wrong. I'll still pay 9 dollars and see the stupid thing when it comes out.

I'm also recruiting people starting NOW to go see it with me, because there is pretty much no way on god's green earth a certain man I am legally attached to will see this with me.

and I still don't like The Dunst.