Monday, December 19, 2005


More Bot, Less Talky:

Robot Panther!

No, I will not stop to take a breath:

Here is where I was going to insert a year-end "Best of 05" thing about music and all the new stuff I listened to this year, before I realized that hi, I used to be reasonably knowledgable about these kind of thing, I'd be on top of it, especially if you were, oh, a 45 year old guy with ironic hair producing hot new shit, I would be pimping your albums left-right-up-down-A-B-select-start-whatever, but now I am just behind and it seems once you are behind, it is impossible to catch up and I might as well just go set up my goddamn camping chair at Nissan Pavilion already and put on some creaseless high-tech fabric slacks because there is just nothing out there exciting me recently that was NEW IN 2005, just the same old saddy sad Brit-dirges from Ian Curtis circa before the noose hit his neck and all, stuff I've listened to since I was a wee member of the yearbook committee, or music desribed as "computer-post-rock", etc, and so in conclusion, I have nothing to offer you save the same old circle-jerking about Okkervil River and the Hold Steady and maybe R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet."

Now I'm off to help the economy by having a nervous breakdown in Pentagon City, prob. in the food court.

Thu end.


topic15 said...

Don't forget Mash-ups. Those were big in '05.
PS congrats, i heard you got mentioned in Wonkette.

The Governess said...

sitemeter is like "Whaaaaaaaatttt. Is. Happening. To. Me. Help."