Wednesday, December 28, 2005

one mo time, w. feeling


Us kids are off to the far reaches of the Mid-Atlantic, sans internet, for a few days of loafing. I will have a COMPUTER, just not Internets, don't worry, there is great need to work on my novel and stuff. I am such the creative type and all, v. dedicated to my craft. And watching videos in the back seat of the car. Girl don't like to drive, yo. Girl like to take naps in the back seat! And eat tiny cylinders of Pringles from gas stations! Wear flannel pants! Conduct massive off-key singalongs! Etc!

Like I may have mentioned good effing riddance, 0-5. You can suck it.

(P.S. I am going to construct a most magnificent mural, or something.)

(P.P.S. Question just posed to me - In OUGHTSIX, do you think Passions will still be on? Because I wasn't really aware it was still showing during NBC's midday rotation. I thought it was cancelled right around the time of the little person/doll dramatic death knoll? Also, there was an orangutan on that show. I only know all this because when TR was unemployed, he would call me every day to update me on soap storylines. It took me weeks to realize he was talking about a television show, and not just ranting maniacally/acid tripping. Anyways, Passions. Still on. Who knew. Thanks for the update from my girl on the streets, DJ Kingpin.)


Drew said...

Goodbye 2005, you sucked and blew, if that's physically possible. I can't wait for the new year.

nm said...

My college roommate used to fill me in on Passions. I almost wish I could watch it.. Happy New Year!

sweetney said...

enjoy the unplugged time. the interweb is overrated anyway. heh.

joyous new year!

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