Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I made your favorite cookies! Christmas trees for the Governess and Duchess, and bloody spearheads for LJG and the Nabob!

Well, the dog is doing his damnedest to destroy Christmas, one good cheer at a time. It graduated from chewing up all the wrapping paper to chewing up the poorly man-wrapped boxes and gifts. The G returned from her shopping spree last night to find the animal sitting in a pile of shredded tissue paper, proudly wagging its tail and pushing box bits under the sofa. I came home shortly afterwards, in enough time to avoid clean-up detail but soon enough to find a submissive dog on its back.

“So, I guess you know you’re getting an orange-ish (a mix between F08080 and FF4500 for you HTML kids out there) cable-knit sweater and dress shirt for Christmas,” I said to the G after I spotted them de-packaged on the floor.

“Very nice,” she said. “But I already have that sweater. You gave it to me last Christmas.”


Indeed, a short trip to her closet produced a similar sweater.

This isn’t so much a problem except it’s the second time in a week I’ve had to go to the mall to return a gift that I have already given her. I’m the new Ghost of Crappy Christmases Past.


The Governess said...

if it's any condolence - i really like that sweater and I wear it a lot?

The Governess said...

ps. really more of an FF7F50, by the way