Wednesday, December 28, 2005

noted II

One: January 2 is the reg. deadline for the Winter Block of Girl's Rock n Roll Camp: Portland. I think, anyways- somewhere else on the site, it said that sessions actually START on the 2nd. Anyhoos. This is exciting if you are 11, and live in Portland, and like to shred.

Two: Also, this prospect. This is exciting if you are 18, or 25, or 45, or 85, and live anywhere, and have saved a fistful of $50 dollar bills in an empty pickle jar, for a rainy day or something. Also good if you know someone to crash with in Portland come May. This is exciting enough to force my friend Ricky to push aside the embroidery machine in his basement and throw down an air mattress for a few days. Pr0tLaNd, here I come.

Three: There is fudge in the office kitchen today.

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the Nabob said...

bring some fudge home