Monday, December 12, 2005

we could be the pillars of the neighborhood

1.) I went home for lunch and to take the dog on a mini-walk. Here's some advice, directed towards all those who will gently squeeze their heads from their lower intestinal track long enough to "make it all the way out to the suburbs" (DCist commentrollers, holla!): If you ever encounter a stoplight in the suburbs, and said stoplight controls not only the four major streets, but also a side/service road, and the service road has signs posted at every corner saying YIELD TO (NAME OF STREET), then do me a favor: don't be an asshat and cut me off. Because I have an emotional-stability issue, a mix CD with a Clutch song or two, an hour-long lunch, and a 9 year old car I am mostly apathetic towards. So if I may get all Fried Green Whatevs on you momentarily: I will pummel your Outback with very little rational thought. You have been sufficiently warned.

2.) Oh man, flashback cafe/wayback machine, completely unrelated to above: Ridicu-illest thing re: me. Something that will make all potential political aspirations end in a screeching halt.

There is a dude named Dan somewhere in Pennsylvania who posseses a mini-tape of me singing (drunk), at the top of my lungs, into my former roommates answering machine, "All I Want to Do is Make Love to You" by Heart. If it was a videotape it would be even worse, because I believe there was acoompanying modern dance arm movements. Big love, Dan! If you are still in the greater metropolitan Stroudsberg area, I would like a copy of that, please. I love Heart.

3.) If anyone is looking for holiday merchandise/birthday gifts for me, I can send you my Amazon list, newly updated! I just added Notwist and Prefuse 73, because I am pretending it's Christmas 2003. Also, update: I think my mom is already getting me that sweater vest I requested, so don't worry about finding one for me. I'm basing all of my fashion requests this season off stylemakers such as Lost in Translation and Class characters.

4.) Ha ha ha, Alicia Silverstone. That beats out the Chad Allen* poster I had circa "Our House." Of course, I was 9 or 10, and did not make out with it.

* (1. I went to college with a kid who looked JUST LIKE Chad Allen, hair part and everything. 2. Chad Allen was in a movie about sexy teenage kids who die. That is a novel film plot! And apparently it's full of mistakes. "Sadly, no nudity" says one commenter. I was totally prepared to re-update my Amazon list. Thank you anonymous IMDB commenter.)

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Ethan Wiggum said...

i was in posterlove (though i don't think it ever manifested itself physically) with natassia (sp?) kinski, post "species". what this says about my mating habits i refuse to speculate.