Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Obviously, nothing to blog about here. Move along.

After a brief IM conversation with LJG this morning, I spent ten minutes Image-Googling "science tattoos," in the hopes that I could find someone out there on the interenet who had taken the initiative to put Punnet squares on their bicep or something. No such luck, but I did find this:

Yay! Trekkies!


the Nabob said...

alright, I get Data. But is there any reason to assume these are all Roddenberry's? Is the one on the right David Duchovny? And I got nothing on the left sholder. The haircut looks Star Wars-ish.


tom said...

The one on the right is the doctor from "Enterprise". Meaning not only that I am a nerd, but the tattoo-ee is even stupider than you might have thought.

No idea on the half-covered guy. Pat Sajak?

Anonymous said...

Tom you are very very wrong!

The tattoos, for your information are (in order)
Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker III From Enterprise played by Connor Trinneer. Chief of engineering

Data From TNG

and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed who is the weapons and tactical expert in Enterprise played by Dominic Keating

The lady in question with the tattoos, also has the Enterprise (I think D but not sure on that one)
and on her arms Doctor Julian Bashir from DS9 and Ensign Harry Kim from Voyager
And her newest tattoo is of Karl Urban's Bones, also on her arm.

She is a pretty awesome lady who i have meet a few times.