Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"Missy Elliott called and she wants her gimmick back, but all we got in St. Louis is crunk. Rep yr city."

I have spent all morning on Chapelle Theory, pretending it's August again. Coincidentally, the garage-emo-rock-gypsy band I am putting together for a Spring '06 tour? "Bill & The Dark Crusaders," natch.

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* * *

I was on DeSoto's pre-purchase list for The People's History of the Dismemberment Plan, when it was released back in '03. I may or may not have been the first person to get that composite of cardboard and plastic into my hot little hands.

And then I listened, and lo I was sad, the skies opened up, gray and hateful, pouring the baby Jesus' tears of unholy rage against one of my favorite bands.

I really didn't like what people had done with these pieces of the Plan.

It turns out that what needed to be done was the CD needed to drop behind the mechanism that moves my passenger seat forward/back, and then get jammed in there two years later, so I am forced to dig it from layers of fossilized french fries and microscopic pieces of skin and general car filth, and pop it in, and have me a right good listen again.

And lo, the skies cleared and he pronounced it.... "not my favorite, but certainly not the terrible pap I remember."

- Track # 2 is like listening to T. Morrison and company play Ravi Shankar's gramma's birthday party, somewhere in New Dehli. I really like it. No, really really.*

- Quruli makes "Life of Possibilities" sound like Hello Kitty requested a remix as a soundtrack to an afterschool special. I don't like Hello Kitty. But the song isn't bad.

- Pay 4 Piano, it is decent.

My opinion is kind of worthless because my favorite songs are still the ones less deconstructed and retaining most of the originality of the Plan songs. The closest to the real thing. But, in a way, these are the real things too - they're completely separate and new pieces of sound that I didn't give the artist's credit for two years ago. So, welcome back to my CD player, People's History. I missed you.

* (related: Drop Dynasty's website made me happy.)

* * *

In other news, if you don't have at least a friend or two who is a junior high or high school teacher, you should really check around for a teacher friend. Teacher friends are aces. Especially when they have stories about how their students are late for class sometimes and blame their tardiness on polar bears blocking the stairwells.

One time I was a friend of mine's date for Homecoming. He was an English teacher, and we chaperoned, and it was awesome.

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