Saturday, December 17, 2005

Top Guns


* Office party dessert bar.

* At T/C/C's, proclaiming loudly to every new person I met, "The internet, it is weird!!!!!! OMG HI and stuff nice to meet you weird?" I stand by the "weird" proclomation, because technology frightens me, but I probably could have been more tactful since I was in a room full of handsome people made of internet and sugar and spice. I am socially awkward.

* Having one of the more awesome party coversations of recent years with drunky re: Glocks, dinosaurs, and patriotic lapel pins.

* Tom and Catherine and Charles, who all ooze sweetness and provide people alcohol and have a cute apartment and have auras that are purple or something. Any photos you post, Catherine: if I have pirate eye, that's it. No more Flickr for you.

* Getting emails at 5:30 in the morning from a new blog-a-venture partner that contains a redneck joke forwarded from his mom, writing: "I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THIS JOKE MEANS."

* As we're leaving for home, introing yrself to someone, and having him look you in the eye and say "Your kind of internet crap is the best kind of internet crap." Listen, you had me at "crap." I may have swooned a little with that statement. It also could have been the fact that I was slightly intoxicated and the spangles on my shirt were weighing me down, but whatevs.

- - -

Today is my husband's birthday, and he may be exceptionally old and have crows feet ("THEY'RE DISTINGUISHED!!!!"), but he is still exceedingly handsome and definitely the biggest bag of laughs I know. For his birthday, I woke up at 8:00 to take Brown Dog to the park to get his hump on. Happy birthday, kid. There will be no breakfast in bed, unless you want that brekfast to be Jamison or something. There are no groceries in this house. (My annual wife review is coming up this spring, and I really need to up the effort I suppose.)

Now, because I am up this early, I'm off to kick something!


K said...

Oh dear. That conversation was, indeed, amusing. Catherine, Sommer, and I are off to the Hay Adams Tueday for beverages: come and hang out!

The Deceiver said...

For the record, beloved PIABs, I said: "Your blog is like CRACK, the good kind of CRACK." I would not ever use the term "crap" to describe PIAB. Unless, of course, the good kind of crap got, you know, REALLY FUCKING GOOD. But it has a long way to go. You are the good kind of CRACK.

And the verfication word for this comment was "mumvewuj". That's the street name, by the way, for the GOOD kind of CRACK. So, let it be said that Pygmalion In A Blanket is like a mad two-hitter of pure Columbian Mumvewuj.

The Governess said...

okay, I cannot believe I misheard that? Because everyone knows I would have much preferred a comment about crack?

Sommer said...

Dude, Tom & Catherine are so fired for not even pointing out to me that you guys were there. I've only been wanting to meet you for like, ever. Now THAT's crap.

Like drunkey says, come to Hay Adams tomorrow!

K said...

Specifically, 16th & H NW, 8 PM.

The Governess said...

specifically, i may have volleyball game tuesday night that would prevent ingesting intoxicating bev's.

I shall check on it and report back, though.