Wednesday, December 21, 2005

"And really, they were doing the whispery-voiced sensitive christian boy thing long before Sufjan"

Via JH:

Dude's thesis on "ridiculous evangelical christian magazine called RELEVANT, to which the Jars of Clay singer contributes a column?" That's right, JARS OF CLAY.

It's really an interesting thing going down there, I promise. Also, it reminded me I need to email/call/send holiday greetings via Pony Express to my freshman college roommate, Jules, a Jersey girl married to a guy who looks just like Jesus, and is living in the deep-n-dirty south - a thousand different ways of funny.

The fact that she's married to a JHC lookalike isn't so much what reminded me of Julezini. Jules can, like many people, be described by her tru loves. Or, at least what I recall as her loves circa age 19:

1. Zeppelin
2. 70's-era Travolta
3. Free-delivery calzones
4. Jars of Clay
5. The old Fox game show, "STUDS"
6. Buying new undies on her daddy's gold card
7. PINE email

Note to self: call Jules.

Anyhoos- I did not mean to go off all half-blogged on Julemories. Go read the HLY*MLY blog. I'm still waiting to see if he can work in a least a footnote on "DC Talk." Holla.


the Nabob said...

When JPC came home from his first semester of college, he found his sister had misappropriated his bathroom and written Jars of Clay lyrics all over the wall.

Those Young lifers are an odd set.

The Duchess said...

I wouldn't talk young man.
I do recall you passing out invites/directions between classes each Wednesday.