Wednesday, December 07, 2005

knew you at 6 ft. tall

Nerdy things I laughed at this morning:

(via kottke)

(via I can't remember)

(really super-nerdy, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say kottke again.)

(I had an Enigkworm all yesterday in my head, so when I got to work this AM I immediately commenced looking for a free MP3 of "Abegail Anne," hoping for a floater around somewhere in Internetsdom. Instead I stumbled upon a Jeremy Enigk TRIBUTE PROJECT, which made my day/made me sad/weirded me out/etc, all at the same time. "Sloth," however, is a band name I can really see myself getting behind.)

* * *

I did not go to work yesterday, I just kind of woke up and then refused. I didn't even put my contacts in until 11 or so, just walked around the neighborhood all squinty-eyed in glasses and crazy hair and mismatched socks and such. Then I drove around, bought stamps (cards are in the mail, suckers. BITE ME, HOLIDAYS, THIS YEAR I WIN) and purchased some presenty-stuff only one of which needs to be returned. (Related - what is everyone buying for mother-in-laws this year? Is there a hot MIL gift I am not in the know about? If so, pls share.) Also, I made chicken for dinner and randomly ran into my mother, which was really surprising. Oh, yes. Um. Hi. What are you doing here? Neither of us were at work.

Brown Dog has officially had his first taste of snow, and while at first was quite hesitant, it is now coming in a hearty 6-ish high on his list. His list is:

1. Peanut Butter
2. Food, treats; category: other
3. Chewing on furniture/baseboards/misc. shit
4. Come to think of it, shit
5. Napping on couch he's NOT ALLOWED ON, OFF. OFF. OFF. OFF! BAD BOY.
6. Snow

Also, I have now seen every "Arrested Development" Season II episode, I think.

In other unfabulous life news, I have carpal tunnel from extended bouts with hyperlinking work stuff, and a cavity that hurts.