Monday, December 19, 2005

king of the lawyer-poets

Let us briefly revisit Flashy Jim, the flashiest robot around.

Exhibit A:

So, I have never been to Childe Harold in Dupont prior to this weekend; & attending a party there is kind of like attending a junior high school dance - lots of seating opportunities around the perimeter of the room, all the better to sit and gawk and watch white people Elaine-dancing to Kanye and dudes in stripey shirts getting cockblocked.

The good thing was that lots of guyfriends were there, totally dudes night out, wifeless and talking to 20 year olds in many-tiered necklaces. I got to watch a weird stalking-in-progress, and both the N. and LJG held a monkey-imitation training session for interested observers.*

Also, there was a staircase perfect for prom pictures. Listen, peeps: I tease because I love. It was an excellent bash. For rills. Cheerio.

* (Kong! We saw Kong. The next dog or fish or whatever pet I get is going to be named King Kong. Without giving too much away, it is three hours long - which is teh sucky; but it has a MONKEY-V-DINO scene that will replay in my dreams for the rest of my glorious life.)

Exhibit B:

In'nets, I need advice. Do glasses make you look smarter/older/capable-er? Say, if you were me, and usually looked about as hardcore as a preeschool sing-a-long leader; and about as businessy as yr sophomore sorority treasurer who used to steal fundage for her shoe binges, would you wear glasses to a job interview?

What if they were those black emo-y kind of girl-nerd glasses, that coincidentally made you look a touch squinty/beady eyed?

I am blind, but could sacrifice my saline solution for a day for a job, yo.

Please rep yr fine four-eyed selves and give a girl some hope.

Misc. Shit:

- Naughty dress! Naughty dress! NAUGHTY.

- Pull Down Menu Museum

- This flag signals/goodbye

- Travis Morrison & HF in January; and; wait for it:
Hold Steady make their DC appearance Feb One.

- Additionally: "Abstinence doesn't require as much self-discipline anymore," he says. "We never had any serious groupies, anyway. Our generation got screwed." May I quote LJG when I submit: A-BWA HA HA. Bwa Ha. ha.



Drew said...

We got wars going down in the middle western states! That's great, my New York friends have been selfishly hogging all the Hold Steady goodness and not sharing. Greedy bastards.

The Governess said...

Yay. I bought five tix originally and all have pretty much been snatched up, I am now considering buying more to indoctrinate other peeps, those without an NY/MN/internet connection to the goodness. I'm psyched.

Kathryn Is So Over said...

I'm extremely intrigued by Hold Steady. Detes? Links? Audio goodness?

And lovely meeting you on Friday. When asked later what you and hubby looked like, my favoritest first answer was always "pretty! very pretty!"

The Governess said...

your answer should have been "sparkly. very sparkly.", butocourse

the Nabob said...


Like Sparkling Mike, Flashy Jim's robotic brother?

What an odd thing to say.

The Governess said...

"simple and elegant, the governess is one of the greats."

my shirt, dude. it was reflectively awesome and shiny.

My next pet will now be named Sparkling King Kong Mike.

Kathryn Is So Over said...

I didn't see the sparkly, you had on the velvety on top, right? Cute jeans though. :)

Listening to The Hold Steady... Liking.