Thursday, July 14, 2005

That's Good Cob

I misheard someone's chinese order of Carrot Juice Chicken as Church's Chicken at the ob-jay and had a huge craving for all things fried. But because I have the heart of a 280-year-old and my diet is set to extra bland, that idea was quickly nixed. Fortunately, my lunch of low sodium crackers and Scope filled the hole. It was DE-LISH!. Stupid Apple Fritters! So filled with heart clogging goo.

But just in case this ol' heart thing works its way out, I looked up the closest Church's. Unfortunately I don’t have the security clearance required to enjoy their JalapeƱo Cheese Bombers:®, which I'm sure are wonderful for my ticker. It seems the only ones in the area are on military bases. Alas, maybe there's a Bojangles nearby.

After further Church's mulling I realized two things. First, I don't think I've ever eaten Church's Chicken and can't explain my craving. (Preggars? Panda-Cam time?) Secondly, the Mount Pleasant Riots.

There isn't much evidence about them on the web, but the riots led to one of my favorite local television stories. I believe it was Channel 7 who kept showing footage of people looting the Church's Chicken on Mount Pleasant Street. (A coworker who lived nearby in the 80's, thinks it was near where the 42 bus turns around, but he's not positive. He also said you could smell the grease from Church's blocks away) In the video, people smashed the windows and started stealing individual pieces of chicken. Except for one guy who kept trying to grab a corn-on-the-cob. He'd dip his hand into the burning, buttery water but had to pull it out before he could grasp anything. It's too hot, man! Go for the Tender Crunchers ™! The box has a hole for the dipping sauce. It's so convenient! (Of course, the only thing more convenient is the Roy Rogers’ French fry holster. It's about time someone invent a way to wear your dinner on your belt.)

The riots themselves only lasted a few a nights, with most of Mount Pleasant and parts of Adams Morgan being subject to a curfew. It wasn't the most positive chapter in the city's history of race relations, but it did lead to some dialogue between the District government and Hispanic leaders. And at least there are now more Spanish-speaking cops on the street.

Sharon Pratt Dixon was the mayor then. She’s the one between the two Barry administrations but my only memory of her is that her daughter designed her inauguration dress. It was a major press event.

That's why she lost to Barry. He didn't stand for that kind of nonsense

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The Governess said...

you could level a platoon with those bombs. good god.