Thursday, July 28, 2005

As I Lay Sweating

The Nabob and I got into a discussion about Faulkner while watching "Family Guy" the other night. (Obviously.) Most of the discussion concerned whether "As I Lay Dying" or "The Sound and the Fury" was written from the POV of Benjy, the retarded brother. This went on for several minutes. Regardless of the fact that it was 11:30 at night and 450 degrees in our attic, I was seconds away from climbing up to find my box of high school papers and mementos to prove I was right. (Is it sad that this is, what, the second time I've mentioned on this blog that I once wrote a really long paper on Faulkner in HS? Because, listen: I was an art major. We didn't have to "write" "papers." And then, I got a "job." HS was my last chance to shine in the glory of my own perceived award-winning Wordsmithing.)

(Sidenote: Yes, I have a box of high school shit. I'm bringing letter jackets back one day - just you wait.)

The Nabob mentioned that Hemispheres magazine holds an annual "Faux Faulkner" contest. Since I am in a new-ish job, and am no longer required to travel 2 weeks out of every month, (later, Orlando, Florida! If I see your convention center again in my life, it's still too soon) I'm lacking knowledge of airplane publications. (Secret Shame #6: I actually think most airline mags are pretty solid, all things considered. If you forget a book or neglect to purchase a $6.50 People magazine from a newsstand, you're toast. One can only read SkyMall so many times. (Lord Of The Rings Jewelry! Authentic, registered, and 24k gold! Or, you can order those foreign language tapes from the black-blazer wearing blonde, who's hair is in a bun. B B B, what begins with B?) So, I'll hand it to the airlines - and if you're looking to hire, let me know.)

So, this contest has been held since 2000 or so. Rumor has it, this is the first year that the winner won't actually be published in the hard-copy of the magazine: it will only be available on the web.

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Michelle said...

Dude, no joke about that Orlando Convention Center. It's the shittiest in the whole wide world. Also? Really, really hard floors.

The Governess said...

it's not as bad as (wait for it) DETROIT.

i am just biased to Orlando for lots of reasons, mostly because it's smells like farts and it's always 80 badgerillion degrees. I am really into hating hot weather recently.

They do have the cleaneast Target ever in the world though. You can eat off it's floors. And a nice mall.

Sorry Orlandians.

The Deceiver said...

Both AS I LAY DYING and TSATF have shifting narrators. TSATF has four, one for each section of the book and yes, I believe the short bus denizen is one of them. AS I LAY DYING names the narrator at the top of each chapter--the all time besteverest chapter being: "My mother is a fish."

Yet, PYLON is my favorite Faulkner. It's because I fancy absinthe-besotted air-aces.

The Governess said...

Yes, Benjy is definately in TSATF. Since I never really read AILD, I couldn't speak to that one.