Tuesday, July 19, 2005

frozen through and through

1. http://www.chindogu.com/chindogu/tenents.html and http://www.nikkisixx.tv/bio.html

2. For the past week or two I've walked into my place of employment every morning carrying a sweater, all brown and wooly and very, very square. Yes, a sweater, even though it is approximately 973 degrees outside. It's such an old lady-looking garment. (If I had cats, there would be cat hair all over it.) The hotter it gets outside, the colder it gets inside here, like it's some sort of air-conditioning vs. heat stroke rap battle. The air conditioning is winning. If I had socks, I'd wear them too, even with my sandals- I would care not about fashion sensibilities. It's cold, people. I am spending my hours in frigid temperatures, when I should be on a hammock somewhere, getting tan and drinking beers and reading V.C. Andrews; or watching the "Lost Boys" under a ceiling fan, eating lime popsicles. Something, anything, not this.

I complain, but soon enough, the office will start to warm up, a mirror-opposite of what's happening outside, and all us employees will snuggle in for an excruciatingly hot winter.

3. Apparently, according to every favorite DC website I read, tonight is Bluestate! You guys should really advertise; or get people to blog about it, or something. A ha, ha. Can I request Happy Mondays, and obnoxiously refer to St. Ex as "the Hacienda" all night?

4. Does anyone know why the Post website is so jacked up today? I haven't been able to get on all morning.


cuff said...

Happy Mondays. Good call. Keep it in Manchester for some Stone Roses as well, though. I think "Made of Stone".

ilb said...

I'm going for Second Coming era Roses (gotta keep the people on their toes) and the Mondays are definitely on the playlist.

Get there early!