Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hey, How's Washington?

Speaking of childhood & arranged marriages and thingz: Man, how much do I miss the late 80s/early 90s? How much do I miss my teens, rampant with Mormons in plaid shirts? How much do I miss the OMD song, "Tesla Girls?"

A little bit, I have to admit.

On a similar note- can an internet photo scientist somewhere out there please help me carbon date above photo? Because it's definitely late 80s, but i am unsure of exactness. It appears to be some sort of odd 2-person birthday white elephant gift exchange. I found this picture in my closet, behind the DVD player and a dusty VHS tape of "The Jerk," spazzily looking for family photos (more on that later). It features a young, wrinkle-free Governess, and my ol' pal KS (who is back in the DC area getting her life ORGANIZED, yo!, all tatted-up-and-no-longer-following-Helmet-around-Germany-or-living-in-a-Berkley-slum-or-whatever adorable.) Anyways- please note the lack of claw-bangedness, which may or may not have assisted you in determining a specific date associated with said picture (height of bang - use of Rave Hairspray + heart bedspread/Ikea plastic furnishings - Fiorza sweatshirt/turtlenck combo should, in theory = Year) I think this is pre-claw era. Does that help?

Dear District of Columbia:

Why don't you do yr ole pal a favor and stop scheduling extremely cool things on Thursday nights? Eh? Because, like, when I hear that there will be some sort of Carlsonics/WSC Fleetwood Mac cover thing going on at DC9, and I'm going to miss it, it make my eyes weep blood. Thanks.

Also, I drove around last night, and I've decided the intersection of p and 12th is adorable. I don't know why, it just is. It might have had something to do with the well-dressed lady in gold lame heels and a spangly dress, watering her cement walkway. She was great, and also, wearing a bathing cap.

Dear Bar Pilar:

Thanks for not smoking. This way, I can down a few Magic Hats on a Tuesday night and not come home smelling like the Deputy of Rot-stank City. Also, your bartender kind of looks like a cartoon chracter. I don't know which one, but it makes me happy. The biker meeting taking place at BP was three Sundays to radical. If the Duchess had any sense to her, she'd figure out a way to computer-send me all the potentially awesome photos she snuck with her high-tech phone-camera.

Dear Fame:

Oh, hi. I may or may not have finagled myself onto TV. Obviously, I am bound to be a star. Developments to come.

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The Duchess said...

I would send you a the potentially awesome photo of all the awesome bikers hanging out by there bikes, but my high-tech phone-camera can't compete with the three, or was it five, Magic Hats...I didn't end up saving the damn picture!