Tuesday, July 05, 2005

happy independence day, tom "will smith" cruise.

what's IN:

1. Asking a guy who has no idea what you're talking about to elaborate on the plot of "Sophie's Choice." Because what he thinks "Sophie's choice" might have been is pretty damn amusing.

2. Watching a kitchen full of skinny girls eat an entire thing of baked brie in under 37 seconds.

3. Book fairs

what's OUT:

1. Roughhousing. Roughhousing leads to bloody lips. Forget it, roughhousing is always in.

2. "War of the Worlds."

3. Laundry

In other weekend news, I have a photo I should show you. It's what happens when you climb into the back of your friends truck after rescuing a chihuahua on the highway (true story) who almost got it's brains smashed by a Dodge Dakota. And when you climb into the truck, you sit in battery acid.

H&M denim: not used to battery acid.

UPDATE: Seriously, though.


brett said...

so now you have a dog? hooray!

The Governess said...

hells no. besides, i would never get a chihuahua. i am a big, messy, mutt-type.

i really want a mastiff.

brett said...

A mastiff once did to my lower back approximately what battery acid did to your H&M denim. Perhaps a St. Bernard would be less inclined to violence while still allowing you to live out your Clifford/Marmaduke fantasies.