Monday, July 11, 2005

poste, scripte

4 other things, the Not As Grumpy Edition:

- Did anyone besides Nabob catch the "Herculoids" reference on Family Guy last night?

- We saw Gunter Von Thurston Howell Scribblescrabble's "Bodyworlds." More on that later.

- Every time i spend significant time in an art museum (in this specific case: the Art Institute), it makes my pack-rat instincts go into super-ultra-mega-overdrive. I'm pretty sure the rest of the week will be spent hording my friends sketches on bar napkins and putting them away for safekeeping, just in case we're all famous someday. Yes, yes, we're the modern Factory.

- When I downloaded all my photos last night, I realized eleventeenhundred of them were shots of the Marina towers from our hotel window, attempting to recreate the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot cover. Because I'm sure no one's tried to do that before.

And yes, I'm planning on drinking my week away. Updates at 11.


The Boy said...

I haven't tried drunk-blogging time like the present.

tom said...

what the hell are herculoids? I assume that was the babysitter-interviewing amoeba bit that I didn't understand at all.

The Governess said...

YES. and the dinosaur thing.

Nabob and I looked at each other like "Wait a minute. Those things are so familiar." I don't know how he found them, but he did. God Bless you Google, god bless you one and all.

the Nabob said...

They were drawn around the same time as Johnny Quest and the original Space Ghost. A Hanna-Barbera production.