Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Do we think this blasted heat wave is ever going to end? I've put on deodorant four times in the past six hours. FOUR. TIMES. My pits are caked white and I'm sporting a tank top in the office, which is vaguely inappropriate... again. And I'm SWEATY. And not SEXY sweaty.

So, if the heat lets up before August 31:

Warehouse Next Door
Nedelle w/ Yellow Swans and Xiu Xiu
September 2005

Look at me, a veritable font of info today.


jenB said...

i am so sorry about the heat. the grass is always greener. or browner as the case may be.

tom said...

xiu xiu doesn't get top billing? man, I'm so out of the loop on music

The Governess said...

yeah, I was confused on that too. but on the actual arehouse site, it seems they're getting top billing:

or as "top billing" as the warehouse website can figure.