Friday, July 29, 2005

Just a little bit warmer now...

So the Legwarmers* are at the State Theatre again on Saturday night. I think they've sold out the place once month for over a year now. They deserve the acclaim (somewhere near the end of yesterday's Post Express) because the put on an incredible performance.

Indeed. Just like Dokken.

We here at the Pygmalion have the utmost respect for these guys for their devotion to what they do. The costumes nail the correct percentages of thrift store dedication/irony and the music itself is spot on. They play two full sets well into the next morning with over 150 songs to draw from.

Across the board, they're great.

But their fans...

The G. doesn’t want this site to turn into a place where we bitch about the way people act at shows. But it's too late for that. At the Legwarmers last show we witnesses several small women being pushed aside as the popped collar crowd came surging to the front. Beers were spilled and elbows thrown. It was crowd etiquette failure at it's highest level. It's a tough situation for the band when their biggest fans are the rudest.

And here's the kicker. Several of the Legwarmers are in another great band called the Five Maseratis. They don't play much around here because they all have real jobs, but they're damn tight. Check out Everything is Falling Apart. The brutes at the Legwarmers' show wouldn't go anywhere near the Velvet Lounge or wherever the Maseratis are playing. And they'd be even more disrespectful if the saw the LW's at a party, out of costume.

If you get the chance, go see either of these bands live. Hell, go see the Pietasters, because some of them are in that too. But if you go to the State, stand in the back. You'll get all the Laura Brannigan goodness without the bruises.

*In an effort at full disclosure, most of Pygmalion went to some form of schooling with the band. There first few shows were pure panic. The Governess even got a song dedication when she got engaged. And for you early 90’s DC ska scenesters, if you look closely those are the Decepticonz up there.


tom said...

yet more bizarre internet crosspollination. my former roommate Jon briefly sort-of-went-out-with legwarmer Kelly. And one of my good friends in elementary school's older brother was an original Decepticon (he was a tromboner, and yes I do still think is hilarious).

Totally agree about the Legwarmers' fanbase. Seems like a slightly less detestable version of the Clarendon Grill crowd.

The Governess said...

going to their shows are very, very difficult.

The Governess said...

typing are also very difficult.