Monday, July 25, 2005

1000% Wrestling Onion Love


So I’ve been looking for a hobby. Anyone who suggests "knitting is relaxing!" is first to walk the plank. I think I’ve found it though, thanks to the fey and annoying British dude on the Travel Channel last night: LUCHA LIBRE.

Now, I’ve made plenty of Lucha Libre, and more specifically Rey Mysterioso, comments/bad jokes in my lifetime. But listen: I’ve found someone really worth following. The name is Shocker, and he has a tiny yellow-and-blue monkey as a sidekick. Not only that, but his slogan is "1000% Guapo!" ("1000% Handsome!") Needless to say, everything in our house was 1000% last night. It was 1000% hot in the master bedroom, the bathroom was 1000% dirty and I should consider cleaning it this week, the red onions we grilled for dinner* were 1000% delish. You catch my drift.

All of this is me, working up to say: fuck the dog, (screw the pooch?) I want a tiny blue monkey sidekick. If someone could get working on that, much appreciated. My hobby would be: taking care of my tiny blue monkey sidekick.

* Good news! We went to the grocery store last night. Raise ye banners of celebration to the heavens, peoples. We then pulled a Food Network and grilled up some red onions, instead of usual dinners of granola bars. Oh man, were they good. Red onions on the grill, and then soak em’ with a mixture of balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard, tarragon, salt, and pepper; and a very small squeeze of a ¼ lemon. Put that mess on a turkey burger on a whole wheat bun and holy gastrointestinal delight.


"Friends" did it twice. "Love, Actually" did it several times in one film. There was something in "Almost Famous," maybe not an ACOL but something misty. "Garden State." Apparently, "Felicity" and "Dawsons Creek" are guilty. Any other examples you can think of? This is why my friend TR and I are so obsessed with airports: television has made our romantic ideals all wanky, just like our body images and stuff!

This is also why TR got his masters in Airport Management: for love.


I mentioned in passing last night that maybe I shouldn’t eat so many carbs. was gonna stop eating carbs. This was said shortly before the Nabob decided that this summer, he would assist in me achieving a single goal: that goal is to do one pullup. I’ve never done a single goddamn pullup in my life, since my arms consist mostly of a jello-like substance. Anyways, so I’m heading home after work, hang off a metal bar in our laundry room for a few minutes, (the Flex Hang! The dread of all middle school girls everywhere who weren’t gymnasts!) and then head out to Tot Night at BP. Starring: me, with handfuls of tots and a Raven. I know – tots are pretty much fried carbs. Whatevs, it's tots, people. Get excited.


Read The Morning News today? Bega's mentioned.


How badly do you think I piss off coworkers by eating tuna salad every day? It's not like it smells that bad, I just know some people are sensitive to it.


cuff said...

I believe that on Seinfeld, when they thought the airplane would crash, a few of them confessed love to one another. Maybe George was going to and then pulled back when the plane stabilized.

As for the tuna salad, you need to crank it up a notch. Make the sandwich at your desk or in the common kitchen...leave the tuna can sit around for a bit and make sure you don't wash it out before putting it in the trash.

The Governess said...

1. Ah, see, airplanes: i guess that would be "almost famous" category as well. I'm thinkin more AIRPORTS.

2. grand idea.

The Duchess said...

remeber how our old friend D, from Velvet took part in some Bike Messenger-off. I wonder what happened to him.

catherine said...

i tried the pull-up goal a while back. i got about halfway there, but eventually gave up. :(

topic15 said...

The greaseman was a big fan of the tunafish. No real point to this comment. Just wanted to write about the greaseman.