Friday, July 22, 2005

Ready to Meat

With the Governess on a dinner date (and testing her theory that she married the wrong guy) I thought I could honor Gerald Thomas' memory and treat myself to a delicious Swanson’s* food styled dinner. I haven't delighted in a Salisbury steak/mash potato/peas with l'il onion/red cobblerish meal since way before boy teenage-hood.

Also, Ron and Fez were delving into the more subtle aspects of the dinners on my way to a soccer game. (Victory!) Did you know that you shouldn't buy the package in the front of the freezer? The constant opening and closing causes the food to melt and run together. Outrageous! And! You can eat the chocolate brownie before you cook it and it tastes just like fudge! And salmonella!

Having just finished an entire 90 minutes on the pitch, the Hungry Man Sports Grill seemed the right choice.

It's an American Classic!

Until I read the Nutritional information…

1040 calories? Unwise but doable.

106% of my recommended intake of saturated fat? Most unwise, and less doable. But it was the total sodium that tripped me up.

111% Hmmm. Not too good for my goofy ticker. I checked the deer hunting section at Safeway and it turns out the salt-licks have less sodium.

Look, I know X-E covered this same story with disastrous results, but damn. Pretty much everything in the frozen food section off my doc's suggested diet. The South Beach Diet meals had more salt than the South Beach ocean. Zing.

And you don't make friends with salad.

*I was under the impression that when a name ends in –son, that it’s the remnant of the Scandinavian style of saying “son of.” Was there really a Viking named Swan?


Unrelated: Anyone seen this video with the walking boomboxes that terrorize Rio? Three of them attack a breakdancing Brazilian.



The Governess said...

what, no info on the fat content?

the Nabob said...

I'm not fat, I just have salty blood.

tom said...

swanson = svenson = son of sven?

not funny, I know.

the Nabob said...

no. But educational.

But where did he come from?