Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Steal-y Dan

Michael Showalter interviews on his new movie, "The Baxter."

(thanks to lindsayism for the link.)

I haven't seen "Stella" yet, but I loved "Wet Hot American Summer" in an intense way. The Nabob and I have been known to walk around quoting Chris Meloni's Gene for days on end. Rumor has it Austinist had a WHAS-themed party at some point, and I'm jealous. I could have pulled off the Amy Poehler character really, really well, I imagine; especially after a few drinks.

DCist, get on that thang already.


K said...

Stella, not as good as WHAS. But seriously, how can anything improve on a movie with scenes like "Into Town" and the Capture the Flag Game?

"I did it mom, I'm okay!"

The Governess said...

Now finish up them taters, I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters