Wednesday, May 18, 2005

youth in asia

I'm opening this up to mad suggestions - I have a 13 year old Gangbanger-in-Training potentially visiting my house this summer for a few days. I know that being named the Governess and all, I should have a better handle on what pre-teen boys from the hard streets of LA ("not Hollywood!!!!!") want to do with their time, but if it's nice out there's only so many games of GTA I can play. Also, I've already scouted some potential bridges for tagging, and we're taking a crash course on Stealing Old Lady's Purses 101 at the local community center.

I reckon the Smithsonian's going to be a hard sell, and I don't think he's bringing his board.

Hook a sister up, I'll be indebted.

* * *

...Even worse than saying the word "precocious" to someone you’re trying to sleep with is affecting some tormented creative genius persona. You are only allowed to be tortured for your art if there’s a war or famine that has killed all your family and the only girl you’ve ever loved, you’re maimed and persecuted, and maybe the Spanish Inquisition is involved somehow. Not because oh, sometimes when you’re nineteen and live in a small town, it’s hard to get laid! I mean, find true love! It’s for this reason that I cannot stomach Bright Eyes for longer than one single song. Oh, you’re really upset because... remind me again? You have a big anime girl face and sing songs about how you can’t find love, which in turn has you knee-deep in moony-eyed, hoodie-clad trim all across America? Shut up, Conor Oberst. -- Sarah Brown

Same reason why I never made a proper art student. I wore too many polo shirts.

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