Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It's like shame ate too much stupidity

Dear Mom,

I love you.

Stop using Comic Sans font on your business postcards.

Trust me on this.

Your Daughter


Underused said...

Just curious, but is the title of this post a King of the Hill reference? If not, then ignore the ramble below.

The other night when I heard Dale Gribble say "This chorus is the feces that shame produces when it eats too much stupidity," I nearly fell of the couch laughing. But I was also really stoned.

The Governess said...

of course. he also called him "a sequined train wreck."

my secret shame: i love that stupid show.

KML said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I laughed so hard at that part of the episode that I peed my pants!! It is my new favorite quote.