Thursday, May 26, 2005

Internets, I have a favor to ask.

(Um, this is kind of weird, Internets, but do you know any women interested in playing volleyball in NoVa this evening at 9:00? My team is short one chick, and that screws us. My team is hilarious, and co-ed, and I can provide more details if you are interested. Thanks, internets.)


K said...

The first time I read this, my dyslexia registered "my team is one short chick." Thought to myself "They probably don't have a very good record, and don't really qualify as a team, no" and hastened to make a comment before realizing that I had no caffeine in me and thus was an idiot.

The Governess said...

There IS one short chick. Or two. We're more like this motley-UN crew. There's me, there's a guy who looks like Shaq, there's some Filipino siblings, and an Irish girl? And a sister with excellent braids & a mean serve. And a really lanky Thai guy. It's pretty awesome. We're not that good, so no one needs to be threatened, it's more like a pick-up game. A pickup game between all the nations of the world.

Although I will say that we beat Nabob's team last season HANDILY.

Lady Jane Grey said...

If I weren't 5'2" with the althetic ability of a sloth, I would SO help you out tonight.

As it is, I'm going to go home and eat frozen pizza for dinner.

the Nabob said...

The Nabob's team?!? The Nabob happened to be walking by and was picked up by the Governess' opponents. He was picked up after the game too, as the pretty brunette asked him to share a pint later that evening.

The Nabob, graciously, declined.

The Governess said...

That, I did not know. You've still got it, stud. Whatever "it" might be.

K said...


The Governess said...

That would be very unfortunate.

However, this bring sup a good point- Nabob, being 280 years old, may have a plethora of things only modern medicines can now tackle.


And damn you, Nabob.