Tuesday, May 24, 2005

That's Million with a "B"

Recent happenstance found the Nabob in the town of Williamsport, PA. Further happenstance led me to witness a high school football game featuring one classiest team nicknames ever put to helmet: The Williamsport Millionaires. Not the classiest because it seems there is another.

While the nickname itself would surely shame any other team into forfeiting all scheduled games, ahem Hazleton Cougars, it's the Millionaire's team logo that really classes them up right.

Yes, that is a top hat. And that is a cane. And those are white gloves neatly atop each other. I only assume legal action threatened by Mr. Peanut himself prevented the use of the monacle. Now I couldn't see if this logo was actually on the side of the team's hemets. In leiu of this, however, I would have also accepted a $ or possibly a burlap sack with gold coins spilling from a cinched top.
On a side note. If you too find yourself in Williamsport, PA and then suddenly discover yourself at Mango's Tropical Cafe, take care. The trachea shave is scheduled for later this year.

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