Friday, May 13, 2005

I gotta have more cowbell eyeball.

Thanks to Miles Raymer, who lives in Chicago and authors a pretty great blog, I have found my probable favorite new band.


I don't know whether to laugh or weep & pull at my hair with an unbridled rage that a bunch of ten year olds can be this cool. My future children are going to out-cool me by the time they reach 5 months, easily. Now that I know kids this young form rock bands, I'm toast.

"The twee surgeons at My Pal God unleash their One-Fourth Japanese, a pair of sugar-spazz brothers (ages 8 and 10) and their coffee-addled indie-rock pops.This ain't no cutesy Smoosh party though. These bros are strictly snakes, snails and puppydog tails - two walking bowls of Count Chocula talking about eyeballs, zombies, spooky mummies, cyclops girls, armpits and bad guy stew. While dad drops some Little Black drum machine pulses and grungy guitar chug, J.J. and Charlie Brown shout out playground Cramps-isms." - CMJ

Eyeball Skeleton, I salute ye.

Also, if anyone can score me an "Eyeball Skeleton" tee-shirt, I would be ever so thankful.

EDIT: Forget it. Rewrite on the whole "new favorite band" junk. Um, Kriston?
You are obscenely great.


EDIT II: I still want a teeshirt though. The baseball one. Thanks.


Lady Jane Grey said...

HA! I do so love that SNL skit.

Christopher Walken is soooo creepy cool.

The Governess said...

J. and I spend massive amounts of time reenacting his appearance on the Simpsons when he read "Goodnight Moon" at the Springfield Book Fair.

"Whatt'd I tell you about the scooch scooch?"

Kriston said...

Cool—maybe I'll see you at the show tonight? Say hi if you feel like revealing your secret identity, though meeting people from the Internets is the weirdest thing ever.