Monday, May 23, 2005

Nancy Drew and the Spectral Santa Fe Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Does anyone know what is to become of the abandoned Chi-chi's that now stand as unvoiced sentinels, guarding this nation's finest mall parking lots? If there's a script floating around Hollywood about a chain of haunted family eateries that's looking for a setting, may I suggest the empty Chi-chi's near Landmark Mall. Beside it just plain looking creepy, I'm sure the kitchen still contain cans of green chilies that gave all those people the Hepatitis A. And I bet they're now swollen with botulistic goodness. Can the next Sunday Source please have a road trip featuring all the forlorn Chi-chi's in the Virginia/Maryland bi-state area?

And is there a bigger let down of a google search than the one that hit on a Chi-chi's Fan Fiction site?

Carly stood with her back to me, re-filling the salsa bowls and nacho baskets. I slowly approached, took of my sombrero and kissed her neck. She turned into me and let her Mexican-fried-ice-cream-stained apron fall to the floor...

Damn. The site's gone as cold as the restaurant. Chi-chi's, thy name is poison.


Speaking of road trip and Google... Did you know if you type in "geographic center" and a state name Google will math it out for you? Is math a verb? I can see how you could do this for one of them square states like Wyoming or Pennsylvania, but come on. How do you figure out the center of Maryland? That's outrageous.

Settlement of Custer on the Yankee Fork River, Custer County, Idaho, here I come.

The Nabob has been reminded that in spite of attempts at humor, he has already been to the Settlement of Custer on the Yankee Fork River, Custer County, Idaho (for some reason) and that he has a very poor memory for "facts." However, he does have specific recollection of the poor quality of pizza he ate nearby.


The Governess said...

Nabob: the best post this site has ever seen. You make me smile a million smiles.


-you can verb anything if you word it.

-you can food anything if you eat it.

Also, PS, there's another creepy abandoned Chi-Chi's in Springfield.

The Governess said...


And off Route 1.

I smell another website.

The Governess said...
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The Governess said...

that pizza wasn't THAT bad.

the italians never settled challis, babes.