Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Treadmill Lightly

Spotted the Duchess at the gym last night but didn't say hi. Looked like you didn't want to deal with any more pains in the neck. A little observation, though. If that OCD gym fascist harasses you again for not signing in at the elliptical when four machines are open and no one is waiting, smack him in his red-headed, no eyebrowed mouth.

For 4 hours every day, he checks the list, walks a lap (always in the third track lane and he never, ever stepping on a line) and then checks the list again. It takes about six minutes per cycle. And he smiles to himself when he sees someone hasn't signed in.

He flipped out on me yesterday when my water bottle disrupted his stacked Swiss ball aesthetic. I told him I would move it when I was done tying my shoe. He waited through a knot, double knot, unnecessary untie and re-doubled knot. The judges ruled it a draw.


The Governess said...

If by Duchess, you mean Governess, then you're dead on. Keep your nicknames straight, bud - it's a weird incestual thing if not.

Alas, I always thought it was just an excuse for the redhead to alk to me because he wants a piece of my fine ass. Apprently, he wants a piece of everyone, gender be damned.

The Duchess said...

Nah, it was me. Saw you too, but didn't say anything b/c like you said, Nabob, I didn't want to deal with any more pains in the neck.

Love you!
See you tonight, I'm bringing the pie.