Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I came, I saw, I refused to "Chalupa."

Dear Future Governess;

I’m assuming you are some sort of sexy robot by now. (After my head was cryogenically saved, I can only imagine they attached it to a robot body modeled on Halle Berry. Here’s to hopin’!

Anyways, Future Governess, I had a question for you:

Sometime last night, here in the present, someone on TV (do you have TV’s anymore? Or do you just watch 3-D hologrammic programming?) mentioned "Demolition Man." This was awesome, because I have not thought of "Demolition Man" in a very long time, and I then had a strange craving to watch it, even though it is pretty much a horrible movie that also involved a horrible teenage date- I think my mom was pissed/worried because ole what’s-his-name was relatively newly licensed AND drove a convertible, and used too much hair gel AND had a pager, all early 90s signs of Trouble with a capital T.

I’m sorry, Future Governess, I’m getting distracted. Here’s my question: are Taco Bells really the way they were planned? Cause if so, I’m totally passing on the future. I’ve been expecting to do the whole pill-in-food-form thing, and Taco Bell-as-gourmet is not even worth a sexy Halle Berry robot body.

Present Governess

* * *

PS, completely unrelated to early 90’s cinema, but SOUNDS like cinema: Cinerama. All over my IPod last night. ("Shuffle Songs" = joke.) Um, did not realize Cinerama’s connection to the Wedding Present, because I am a musical dunce. Thank you,, yr an American hero.

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