Thursday, May 12, 2005


Subtitled: One thousand, seven hundred and twenty four reasons, (give or take one thousand, seven hundred and twenty one or so) I am going to be janky broke-ass all summer long.

Reason #1: Listen: I realize how nice it is to get married in cool, far-off places. And, really, I love you all. Really. Fact remains: you are making me choose whether to spend your special day with you in the Rocky Mountains throwing wildflowers into the air as part of your hippie declaration of love, or rock out most of the summer. I have elected to do both: booking plane tickets to travel far and wide to see you bitches chain yourselves together, (a courtesy you also granted myself and mine, so I thank you and return said favor), AND also attend all the fabulous musical opportunities the nations’ capital is offering this season. Particularly the sweaty month of June. So, looks like one family will be subsisting on ramen and not getting their cars inspected this month.

Reason #2: Now let’s get down to what true blogging is all about: acting pretentious about music. (That or politics, I don’t know shit about politics, even though I pretend I do. It makes for loud, funny, nonsensical arguments with strangers in bars. I’m totally that girl.)

Should you so desire to meet a real-life DC blog heroine or two or three (yawn), certain members of the CPJL would like to announce their summer 2005 "Bask In Our Gracious Glowing Presence And By The Way We Love Puppies And Are Pretty" Tour (Hereafter referred to as the "BIOGGPABTWWLPAAPT"), at various concert venues near you. That’s right: near you, Washington DC. I know you read this site, Washington, DC. I see you late at night, my bloodshot eyes gallivanting aimlessly through our sitemeter.

I can’t even keep track of all these shows, it’s just that hot. I need a place to list, revamp, review; gather my thoughts and calendars. What better place to chew it all up and then grossly spew it all over than a blog, which with this entry, this site is officially baptized.

Kick me in the teeth, really: we have a blog.

I'm only even mentioning the following shows because I've already purchased tickets, so I'm not afraid I won’t get in myself now. A ha. A ha ha.

May! I missed Doughty at Black Cat, so that stinks. I'm also missing Monopoli this weekend, who I've never seen and always plan to and then miss every damn time. Alas. In other news: note to chumps spanning the greater Metro area that missed it, the Okkervil River and Earlimart show was sooooo choice. Really, it was just great. I was rubbing my eyes like a sleepy baby because it was a Sunday night past curfew, and then they played the song 'So Real' and Will Scheff stood on the drum kit and they magically cured my tired spirit and I fell hard in love with music again. The Duchess and I give two Bud’s up in a Z formation.

May 14: Friends of the CPJL Private Fundraiser: Scholarships for Poor Former Graduate Students to Attend Dino Gold Cup 2006. This has nothing to do with music, save for my sweetheart’s kickass mixes that will be, uh, kicking ass. Oh, and a keg. Recognize.

May 27: The Hold Steady is in Lancaster, PA on a Friday night. I could kill a few birds with this one, see some PA semi-relatives, and then hang at a Lancaster, PA bar to witness a good-time live show. I’m considering it, if just for the kitsch factor alone. I mean, Lancaster! I have a friend who grew up there who’s lone "Man, I LOATHE dolls made out of corn cob husks now" comment pretty much solidified one of the better friendships from my undergraduate years. (I love saying "undergraduate" as if I actually continued on to grad school.)

June 2: Travis Morrison and the Hellfighters. This is just a given. Travis has hips that could impregnate a woman from 200 yards away.

June 3: Spoon. Their new album is tres killa. Sidenote: The last time I saw them, I think they were at Black Cat with someone really random opening for them. MILEMARKER! Oh, holy shit, Milemarker. The world is such a small place. Milemarker had a song called 'Sex Jam Two: Insect Incest.' Unfortunately, Roby Newton of Milemarker did not set herself on fire that night. You’d think I’d be saying something like this because I dislike the band Milemarker, but in actuality it’s because Roby Newton USED TO SET HERSELF ON FIRE AS PART OF THE SHOW. I heard she’s doing performance installations involving puppets nowadays. Rock chicks. What will they do next? Anyways, Spoon. It’s on.

June 11: Old 97s. We’ll see about this, but I already have the tickets. Ever since Rhett Miller turned shiny pop star, my guard’s been up.

June 13: The Pixies & Bloc Party at Merriweather. I will be the one shouting at Frank Black drunkenly from the recesses to play 'Havalina' or 'Wave of Mutilation,' and then probably tripping on someone’s lawn blanket or something. The Duchess has yet to decide whether dealing with me is worth the money. If you are interested, look on Craigslist soon as she desperately (and unfortunately) tries to part with her ticket for too much bank.

June 23: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. Super happy funtimes. The last show I saw I daresay left me giddy, and since that show was a full CPJL field trip, I bet the other two would agree with me. LJG will be the one standing on her tiptoes, staring rapturously into one man’s soul eyes hair as he performs to her. Then I’ll embarrassingly white-girl head-bob dance. It’ll be a good show, and I’m not talking about the band.

June 26: Wilco. Okay, actually, I’m skipping this one. Already sold my ticket and everything. I’ve seen them every single time they’ve come to DC, including solo Tweedy ventures and that DAR thing they did with Sonic Youth. I love Wilco, don’t get me wrong. But seeing even your favorite band this much waters down the effect. I appreciate them more when I skip a few. Besides, their crowds are beginning to make me turn Hulk angry.

Things the CPJL is not seeing:

Bright Eyes. Besides being sold out, if I really have to explain to you why this kid isn’t the "new Bob Dylan," or the second coming of Christ, then... I dunno. Something something.

Anyways, with all this music jabba, I’m LJG and the Duchess are close to forcing me out of the gang (because I’m not hardcore enough. And I ratted them out to the Feds.) Either that, or we’ll have to change our blog name and start being serious ‘n stuff; like Pitchfork. (I sherrrrrrrr hope someone gits mah joke!)

Reason #3: Let’s face it, I really want a dog. I think I’m now responsible enough. Barely. It can eat ramen with me.


The Duchess said...

Don’t go selling my Pixies ticket!

I plan on going to all of these shows with you. I just need to pretend that I have self-control and will not spend over 300 bucks on concert tickets all for one month. The money, god the money!

Then on top of your list, LJG and myself have a date with a “getting too big for 9:30” band, known as Modest Mouse. Oh, and then there’s Dinosaur Jr. which I may have to attend to appease the boy.

I really need Fort Reno to start...get some free shows up in DC

Underused said...

The Doughty show was indeed good. Monopoli is playing again May 21, opening for Velvet at the BC.

What, no Built to Spill or Steve Malkmus?

The Duchess said...

Shit, Built to Spill, I knew there was another one in there. June is gonna kill me.

The Governess said...

already seen built to spilla a few times, so i'm out on that

Kriston said...

Dude. You have to love Milemarker. Future Isms, that's required.

Hey, what about Pleaseeasaur on Monday?

The Governess said...

i DO love Milemarker. They were all ranting and insane and I was confused, and then I was smitten.


how can I thank you? I will see you at black cat, MOnday.

LJG and D: take note:

Anonymous said...

I know it's the same night as the Pixies, but someone should go see Single Frame at the Black Cat back stage.