Thursday, May 19, 2005

Connecting With Our Customers


Evolution? Revolution. An exotic, some even say SEXY, Squirrel Revolution. Just look at that come-hither stare. The WP finds it exotic.


- Were you on U St last night?
- Did you happen to take a few candid photos while prancing about?
- In said photos, is there a perplexing situation that seems to be perpetratin’ in the background, under a faux tiki-ish hut? And by "perplexing", I mean: girls with mad guns?

I’m currently dreaming up rewards for anyone that got a shot of me kicking the spaghetti-armed LJG’s ass in arm wrasslin’ at Local 16 last night. So check yer digitals, and thank you.


The best description I’ve heard this morning, in reference to W’burg (Brooklyn): "retard rodeo." Also, who wants to find me a copy of the new Mountain Goats CD? I am penniless.


Governess Casablanca’s Gossip Fun Fair: I have it on good authority that SOMEONE had such a wicked Wednesday eve that she’s at work this morning (late, natch) dressed like her mom.

Happy Thursday, I hope the Siths didn't revenge on you too much last night, or whatever.

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Lady Jane Grey said...

"I'm gonna make it through this year if it kills me."