Wednesday, June 21, 2006

zelda ii and the adventure of... wait for it... link.

Hi Internets.

- Reports from the N: all the dudes here have that ugly haircut *

- FIRST and most important link via the all-new and improved Gp: AlligatorOnMySpace.

- En vs. Em

- P-shop Portraits

- How to out-rap someone whose song you are guest appearing on:
Use more syllables per line - Attack the song in the same way as your mark, but with more intensity - Rhyme more words, and rhyme multisyllabically.

- No shit. Anyways. Remind me to tell you about my polygraph experiences. The reason I had to start mine over twice had nothing to do with an ellicit past, and EVERYTHING to do with the fact that I was strapped to a chair in a windowless room, in a numberless building, being videotaped, and asked pointed questions by a strange man. I seriously don't comprehend how anyone, self included, ever passes a polygraph without wetting themselves. In between questions on drug use and financial history, you started to wonder if maybe this building didn't exist and I am strapped into a robot chair in an alternate universe or something. My heartbeat was off th echarts, I think.

Hi. Where was I.

- The transformation of B'ville Several of my cousins work in Bentonville for Company Which Shall Go Unnamed (think yellow cartoon smiley face). The fact that a Jewish community is springing up in town hasn't probably even registered in Ry's head. As long as the Duke athletic program is still riding strong, the Big Man is happy to see His many children, whatever their faith settle down anywhere they so desire. Even Arkansas. The Word of the Lord, according to my family.

- I've been thinking about something. Remember in high school and college when everyone had those giant Case Logic cases? Okay, people so don't use those anymore (they don't), which means there has to be THOUSANDS OF UNUSED/UNLOVED Case Logics lying around. Challenge: do you think one could, say, build a couch out of Case Logics? Or something else useful? I only say "couch" because I once had roommates who tried to build a couch out of pizza boxes, and my dad built a couch out of newspapers in brown paper grocery bags back in 1969. Truth.

- The World According to Pretty Toney

- Man Man media from Chicago & Toronto up at Pfork. Um, when did Pitchfork decide to start posting photos and videos and stuff???????????

* german emo??????????


Sommer said...

Do girls still use Caboodles? I would totally build an armchair at least out of Caboodles.

The Governess said...

furniture? Hell, you could build mobil ehomes out of Caboodles. Those things are ridiculous.