Thursday, June 01, 2006


hola again.

In fest news, from (who else) JH:

Today's proof that it's almost statistically impossible (12%) to be a band and not be playing a festival in Chicago in the next three months:
World Party reunites and plays their first American date in 7 years at Taste of Chicago on July 8th

All the fun is in Chicago. Who wants to drive? Seriously: summer road trip, flannel shirts with the arms cut off, shirts so thin you can see through them. Wifebeaters. Vodka in Gatorade bottles. Faux-construction boots. Hippie beads. Janine Garafalo's haircut in "Reality Bites." Shit, people. We can listen to "When You Come Back to Me" on repeat, I can pretend like I'm 16 again. We can dress like extras from "Airheads." I'll look up the Sox schedule. My bro's girlfriend can come along, she's taken to introing herself as Mrs. Buehrle. We can visit TR. We can visit my friend Eric, see which of his friends has gotten a facial boot-stomping lately (apparently, that kind of thing happens.)


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