Sunday, June 11, 2006

sun comes up it's sunday morning

Things I'd like to accomplish on an average weekend:

- Buy cabinets so the process of remodeling the kitchen, which would take the average responsible young couple maybe a few weeks, but takes us 1 year and counting, can continue.
- Water plants. Maybe weed them too.
- Shower.
- Change oil in car
- Fix garbage disposal, which currently has half a lemon and some rotting starwberries stuck in it, although I do not remember eating anything involving lemons or strawberries?
- Consider financial future, maybe make some intelligent investments

Things I actually accomplish on an average weekend:

- Make half-hearted mix CD for my father, in an attempt to make him talk more about BRMC and less about that time he went to see the Wallflowers at 930 (?)
- Sleep
- Not kick dog off bed
- Eat breakfast popsicle
- Listen to "Soul Flower" on repeat in order to memorize lyrics so that I will be that kind of average white girl at a party, pretty boring but then surprise! has a very cool trick: can bust out every lyric to "Soul Flower" on demand after only a beer or 2. (Project Soul Flower not going well so far.)
- Begin to drive to Target and before even getting halfway there, decide it's too far away and pull into the parking lot of a Wendy's, turn off car, throw seat back, and take a brief rest. Call friends on cell phone, even though I don't have much to say.
- "Love Connection" reruns

* * *

SURVEY: Ed Kowalczyk's lyrics are the worst in the world? (T/F) Last night included a Dceiver/PIAB discourse on this line in particular: "Our love is like water/Beaten down and abused for being strange."

I'm taking comments on this before organizing my thoughts. Discuss.


catherine said...

man, i'm ashamed to admit that i used to want to have EK's babies when i was 15. i still think "all over you" is a decent song despite the cracked out lyrics.

The Governess said...

I never wanted to have EKs babies, but I was the only girl in my class to think Roland Orzabel was hot. So, I don't know. I should jump out a window or something.

drinks before you leave for hotlanta!