Wednesday, June 28, 2006

escaping mass

Odd, but prob not noteworthy: I stumbled upon sum local-rock-related summer wedding photos on Flickr. Tiniest LB looks particularly lovely. Weird only because dude, I so know that tent! I so recognize that gazebo! We had our rehearsal dinner at this particular old house so many moons ago. The location is exceptionally adorable, even in the downpour- it appears that J and LB made out with much better weather then we did. So, if yr ever hankering to get married round these parts, give me a ring- I have a place to highly recommend.

It also appears the scenesters wedding reception was SIGNIFICANTLY more funky than ours. I do not think there was a single pair of aviator glasses at our nuptials. Eh, I'm okay with it, I think. Most of our attendees were from Iowa.

Anyways, I'm not linking, see if you can flush them out yrsef, DC superfans.

* * *

I've been keeping the DC Roller Girls info the D. emailed me kind of tight to my chest, because I was planning on going to practices soon to take a sneak peek, and maybe even attending the open adult skate in Manassas. My v-ball team disbanded for the summer; all internet no play make the G. something something, and listen- I was shoot-the-duck champion in 4th grade, all right? When I brought this up to the N, he merely raised his eyebrows and made some comment about how I bruise easily.


Anyways, sometimes adults have to make choices, see - the calendar can be a bitter foe. So instead I've registered for a drawing class at the Art League school; stretching the mental legs a bit and such.

I know, I know. Line to call me a total pansy forms to the left. In any rate, check them out. They're recruiting.

* * *

Other things: Last night I ate my weight's worth in fried pork chops at Simply Home, and drank a martini, so probs the world is going to end soonish. Duffy's has dropped-tile ceilings, wtf? Last minute beach trip planned for this weekend. Next week, the N. and I get to tackle kitchen soffit removal.

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Sommer said...

Yeah, Duffy's is like drinking in your office. I went on opening night and haven't felt compelled to go back since.