Thursday, June 22, 2006

wheel in the sky

Is it possible to catch a case of reverse-career-goals? I've been fantasizing recently about quitting my job in favor of manual labor, and I seriously just gave the office mover company guys the eyes in the elevator this morning.

In other news, Cat Town.*

* THIS REMINDED ME: on the Early Show they were talking about The Wonder Pets for some reason, and not having children, I had no idea what the fuck was going on. But let me tell you something, I sat transfixed for a good 10 minutes as they talked about The Wonder Pets, and now I am wondering why I can't find much information on the Interwebs about them. A duckling in a WWII flight bonnet, people. That is eleventy mil X better than a purple dinosaur, or a little Latina chick, or aliens, or whatever it is the toddler set is hyping these days. Although I have to say that in the real world, teamwork does not always work. Like, say you have an IT guy who is a total asshat and wears County Seat polos and braided belts and for some reason refuses to get off his keister to fix your DSL line, even though you asked politely and pay him to do so. Just hypothetical. WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT THAT, DUCKLING PILOT.


Matt said...

The manual labor is not too bad if you sort of get into a zone and don't think about it too much, but it gets old after a few months.

On the plus side, moving heavy boxes all day means I don't need to pay for a gym membership. It's the blue-collar workout plan.

The Governess said...

i'm kind of into that. seriously.

Matt said...

Hell, I'm leaving in 2 months...if you can learn to drive a forklift, the job's probably yours.

Or go to a temp agency and check off "light industrial" when they ask what sort of work you want, this tends to mean stockroom-type stuff. They usually have one-time gigs too, if you just want to give it a try for a day.

It's been an interesting experience; it's nice to be able to pretty much just switch off while I'm here, and when the day's over I can forget about work until the next morning. The mind gets a bit antsy after a while, is the only thing.

The Governess said...

I worked in a toy store stockroom over Christmas one year. It would have been fine, if not for my insane boss.

Alas. I think I'll stick to coporate communications.

I think. What I really want to do is work at the batting cages.