Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Excuse me, sir, this part of the sidewalk is closed.

From a 1998 issue of the Post…
Japanese Defense Minister Fukushiro Nukuga and five others were slightly injured Sept. 21 when a four-foot high, foot-thick steel wall rose out of the ground and crashed into the limo's underside, lifting it off the ground. It was the first such accident involving the anti-terrorist barricades on the perimeter of the Pentagon.

With Prime Minister Koizumi arriving at the end of the week for his trip to Graceland, it looks like the USSS is practicing the new traditional greeting for Japanese dignitaries visiting the States.

Happenstance found me hoofing it by the closed portion of Pennsylvania Avenue after going a single block in a rainy, 20 minute Tuesday evening cab ride. The uniformed boys were less than pleased that I happened to have my camera with me. But the picture seemed worth the 100 meter, $7.50 Zone 1 trip.


The Governess said...

dude, DCist. First the Chase Bank change-machine thing, and now this?

;) ;)

tom said...

Coincidences, I promise! Although the DCist core list does comprise a large portion of the PIAB fan club.

The Governess said...

ha! i just like teasing him about it.