Monday, June 05, 2006

and then on monday morning, i'll post it on my blog.

Friday night, we took my parents out to dinner. The conversation smoothly evolved from making fun of my father for ordering pork belly as an appetizer, to making fun of him for considering ordering a Malibu and Coke, because apparently he's a 21 year old finishing up his nursing degree at American or something. Also, the Nabob brought a print-out of the history of construction at Thomas Circle, something we're both nerdily kind of obsessed with. My parents yawned a lot. More on this later.

Saturday, we went to CD Cellar, where for the first time in a while we shrugged and left empty-handed. Then drove up to Baltimore. Besides copious amounts of strange red brew dubbed "Flirt N' Go," and a bevy of striped polo shirts, there was nametags, which gave idle hands a drunken project.


Well, not this year.

Apparently, they've found most everything in the house labeled. Um, sorry about that.

The night ended with someone stealing the owners back step. Not kidding. Good times.

Sunday, we attended another barbeque. There were horses there, they ate apples out of yr hand and were wearing SHOES OVER THEIR HOOVES. The best part of the afternoon was listening to Libertarians talk about what Guam should be used for, and then start fights over who the best person on Supergroup is. Also, the whole world has a blog, really.

On big coffee later, and I'm still sleepy.


tom said...

There's a certain point in a CD Cellar patron's life where they have pretty much everything they want from that store that it's likely to ever have in stock. It's been a while, I bet I've learned enough new stuff about music that I could find some things. But for a while there I was leaving that store every weekend, confused at why I couldn't find anything to buy.

The Governess said...

exactly. everything I wanted, I already have. Everything else was Bryan Adams CDs.

david from CD CELLAR said...

You can never learn enough new stuff about music, folks. I guarantee you haven't even scratched the surface.

Ooh - "everything else was Brian Adams CDs"? Now that 'cuts like a knife'.

The Governess said...

david from cd cellar! i love that you read blogs! why couldn't i find anything to buy! i'll try again.

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