Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Richard Grieco swipe was too easy

Two things...

We’re going for the trifecta…

Broken down, washed up, wrinkly, and aged old fossils being stalked. We had one yesterday.* We have one today.** Who's next?***

The Sunday Source is all about labels and pigeon-holing people. And this week it was calling the band The Shondes a “transsexual-feminist-Jewish rock quartet from New York mixes a political-punk message with music grounded in classical techniques of composition.” Gawd, Source, get in the 23rd century already.

As far as I can tell, I’m not anything that the Shondes are. But we here at the Pyggy can not stand such a classification with out seeing it for ourselves. I have resisted the temptation to listen to the MP3s on their site so we’re going to the show tonight with our ears free of musical prejudice. Are you brave enough to join us?

10ish – Velvet Lounge

*seriously, the guy just turned, like, 40 or something. And he wears eye shadow all the time even though his face is really puffy.
** That lady has the same haircut I had in college!
***Wait. What? The Asian cop from 21 Jump Street has his own fan fiction site? Peter DeLuise, what happened? And am I being crazy to think that Peter was on a show after Jump Street where he played some sort of Frankenstein monster? I think, maybe, he was camouflage colored. There are little bits of a memory floating around here somewhere.


The Governess said...

* how dare you be so cruel.

** I know my halloween 06 costume, yay!

*** is he in my trading card pack? I think so.

Matt said...

That's a woman? She looks like Gene Wilder after a really rough weekend.

Anonymous said...

so what did you think of the shondes? i'm a fan so i was curious.