Wednesday, June 14, 2006

power point solutions

With a bullet:

- OH THE HUMANITY. Mopey music snobs around the globe reconsider Ian's choice to end it all. Maybe that wasn't such a bad idea.*

- I don't know what happened to that post on the crazy dog-whistle cell phone sound that was up here. I think I accidentally deleted it, I have ten thumbs when typing into the powerful life-changing software that is Blogger. Google the NYT, I'm sure they still have it up for you to listen (or not listen) to. Oops.

- File under the gargantuan, ever-growing list "Things I Did Not Know": Steve Keene is selling paintings on his website for 8-12 dollars?


- Again, Silver Docs tonight. I'll be taking notes so I can blog about how I disagree that Blink-182 is saving punk culture. PS. I miss Visions.

- A haiku from MJ re: life in North Carolina:

Clean, simple car logos!
You're in danger of extinction!
Calvin keeps pissing on you.

- Is there anything more thrilling then finding a dude you went to college with on the World Wide Web who has: 1. changed his name, 2. begun sporting a backwards baseball cap, and 3. powerful proclamations about "feeling his music" and links to original compositions like his song "Slow Grind?" I submit no.

- I also submit I make really good guacamole.

* (That is some SHAKY vocals, homes. He starts off okay! And he actually doesn't do that bad of a teen-cover on the chorus, given, it's kind of hard to fuck up. But holy Mariah, the rest of it makes me sad. And not sad in the good way that this song usually makes me. I just read somewhere that Stephen Hawking was predicting the end of the world soon anyways. Maybe FOB is just speeding things up a day or two. PS. Get your hair out of your eyes. You're wearing a HAT for chrissakes. It can't be that hard to tuck some of those artfully arranged strands up. **)

** (Can pretentious music snobbery ever really be cured? I'm trying, but so far it's not working. I think I'm making it an '07 resolution. I know I'll be okay when I don't roll my eyes and make fake stabby-stab motions every time I see a photo of Chris Martin.***)

*** (I need therapy.)


Sommer said...

Will hopefully run into to you at Silverdocs this evening. If not there, than in the waiting room at my court mandated therapy sessions for attacking all of Coldplay with a baseball bat.

The Governess said...

yay, I'll keep an eye out for you.

the Nabob said...

Sommer, you owe me something. Clocks ticking.

Sommer said...

Oh don't you worry.