Thursday, June 01, 2006

seriously, in 10 years, i have yet to hear an explanation that makes an iota of sense

will someone please explain burning man to me again?



Chris said...

Wanna-be modern primitives trying to get laid but ending up with a sun burn and a bad LSD experience instead, set to an annoying techno soundtrack.

the Nabob said...

Really? It turns out the girl never went missing and the detective himself was sacrificed in an attempt to bring back fertility to the land. And now Vanessa Redgrave is somehow attached to the remake.


“Burning” Man. I have no idea either.

The Governess said...

i am one of four people in the galaxy to get that joke.

PS, remake? AWESOME. but vanessa redgrave?????????????

The Deceiver said...

Burning Man is the graduation ceremony at Muthafuckers Be High.