Monday, June 19, 2006

assistance requested


So, I'm still working on my now 740 page manifesto: "Niche Media: The Destruction of Print," but it's nowhere near coherent and unlike some folks, I like to have my ducks in a row before hitting "publish." And shit, and I'm just a blog! It's not like I put out a MAGAZINE or anything.

Anyhoos. The N. reports listening to some sort of NPR-ish radio program with the editor of Capitol File? Or maybe a bigwig (LIKE HI MR. BINN*) at NM? I don't really know who it was. And there was a quote that went something like this?

"Well, we think Capital File really does a great service to this city. You know, people can read our magaine, and see what important events other people are attending, and then CUT OUT THE PICTURES AND TAPE THEM ON THEIR FRIDGES TO REMIND THEM OF IMPORTANT CHARITY EVENTS THEY SHOULD ATTEND."

Like I said, I didn't hear this first-hand, and the N. is unsure of the exact comment. Please send email if you heard this exchange on air. It would make my entire week.

* (I tried to find a photo that didn't have him star-whoring with Shannen Doherty or Jamie Foxx or a group of unidentified rich ladies with skin of leather and hair of yellow, but. Alas. Unpossible.)

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