Thursday, June 22, 2006

pipe dreams

Interested in agricultural irrigation? Of course you are!

I googled "moving pipe" and expected to have my poor Mac innundated with thousands upon thousands of porn pop-ups, but nothing of the sort happened. Apparently, people don't really move pipe anymore. The robots have come in, or wheeled-pipe has been replaced by solid-set systems. Or just blow jobs. Bah dum dum.

I once made the mistake of trying to tell someone I was hired to move pipe for $5 an hour in a potato field somewhere in rural Idaho when I was 22, but it took a lot more explaining than I really had the patience for.

Don't worry, the N. comes back soon. Although, judging from recent blogging by yrs truly, not soon enough.

PS, I raided my mother-in-laws Netflix cache last night. Note to self: "Rumor Has It" was so funded by the devil. GEORGE CLOONEY AND SODERBURGH PRODUCED THAT PILE OF STEAMING FORGETTABLENESS? ? ? ?

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