Monday, June 19, 2006


Shortly after graduating college I played in 2 flag football teams. The first was a coed and it was terrible. Our team wasn’t bad but the league was populated with school yard jocks and football hangers-on who were constantly trying to recreate some Hook and Ladder play that they once pulled off in elementary school. The garbage talk was obnoxious and unoriginal. On several occasions I was horrified to see a male player taunting a female player after a good play. I was an unpleasant experience.

The other men-only league, in which I still play, is composed mostly of former high school and college players. A good play is respected and congratulated on both sides. If trash is talked, it is warranted and creative. The games are full contact but the knocked down is always helped back up by the knocker down. Even when our team loses it’s still a joy to play each week.

It is with a similar attitude that I acknowledge my defeat at the hands of another website. I have the greatest respect for the lengths to which CS went to prove me incorrect in my Krackel claims, mostly because they are exactly what I have done. On one side, a lesser blogger would accuse their competition of using fake rulers and somehow obtaining a miniature copy of the Washington Post. And on the other, S resisted the temptation of buying enough bars to spell out “IN YOUR FACE YOU FATHEADED INTERNET BLOWHARD!!!” It was clean play and while she gets the winners trophy she also gets the sportsman award.

Fortunately for me there was no actual wager placed on this. S, feel free to come back at me with a challenge of your own. Hopefully one where I can buy 36 bars of stale chocolate and force my roommate to eat them.


Sommer said...

I appreciate your humility, and if I ever come up with an appropriate counter-challenge, will certainly throw it down. You're definitely still going to have to eat one these Krackels, though. Or maybe 15 of them. They don't really taste all that bad, actually. The chocholate itself is fine, it's just the crisped rice that's a little stale.

The Governess said...

i'm not eating 36 of anything. the dog, to be sure, would be happy to oblige tho.