Thursday, July 05, 2007

You little puke

Like last year, I watched the Coney Island weiner-a-thon live. But this year I obviously did not live-blog it.* One non-American guy threw up and one American guy accurately demonstrated what is absolutely right and wrong about our gloriously, bloated nation in 12 quick minutes.

But of all the food gorging winners/waving parade queens/watermelon-spitting champions that were crowned yesterday, the grand champion has to be the AP’s (via the Post) coverage of the event. The article included several colorful scribbles like gut-busting and tube-steak tussle, but also this chestnut:

“Once the contest ended, the runner-up suffered a reversal -- competitive-eating-speak for barfing -- leading to a deduction from his final total. Kobayashi finished with 63 HDBs (hot dogs and buns eaten) in his best performance ever.”

I just did a quick Nexis-Lexis search. As far as I can tell, yesterday was the first time in the news agency’s 161 year old existence where an editor allowed the word “barfing” into a story. To note, it’s been printed when included as somebody else’s direct quote but never directly as a stand alone verb.


*I was too distracted by Hillary’s poor choice in pants – a pair she wore two days in a row. (Listen, I don’t know a lot about the fashions for 59year-old politicians, but I do know you shouldn’t wear tapered pants that make you look like a khaki-ed driedel. Also, Bill in all-black looks either like the recently divorced father of my friend who has recently been hitting on his daughter’s friends or a tubby Wes Clark or both.)

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